Non-Commercial Projects

The idea of our first Eco-Education centre, formerly known as the Eco-Library, appeared in 2013 when founder Petr Hindrich surfed on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. During his stay in the local community, Peter discovered children who grew up without access to books or information about nature. He assumed that the lack of environmental […]

Kura Kura logo

Yayasan Kura Kura

Due to the complexity of transports and conditions, the Brno Zoo decided to become a patron and companion to build a unique Czech rescue project in Indonesia, which is just about protecting endangered species of turtles. Together with the Indonesian non-profit organization Kura Kura Nusa Penida, under the auspices of UCSZOO (Union of Czech and […]

The Kukang Rescue Program logo

The Kukang Rescue Program

Illegal wildlife trade poses a serious threat to species’ survival worldwide. In Indonesia, illegal wildlife trade is widespread and there is a need for stronger law enforcement. Among the most commonly trafficked mammal species in Indonesia is the greater slow loris (Nycticebus coucang). Despite being protected both nationally and internationally, it is being sold mainly […]

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