Ecology and Indonesia

Want to learn more about Indonesia and Bali, listen to true personalities, look into the real and cruel reality and beauty of this vast multicultural country with one of the world’s greatest biodiversity?

Do you want to meet informally with those who live, make or even talk to Indonesia in Indonesia?

The main guest of the evening is Petr Hindrich, co-founder of the non-profit organization, who has returned to the Czech Republic for a long time. Petr tells us a story about how has developed through the distribution of children’s books to an innovative eco-learning platform.

Another guest is Mgr. Tomáš Ouhel from the Liberec Zoo, who will share his personal experience with the intricate animal octopus. His lecture is named Illegal Animal Trade in Indonesia. The icing on the cake will be a lecture of exceptional personality. Mr. Dr. Karel P. Kučera (University of London) will focus on the strategic importance of Indonesia’s nature. He named his lecture The Beauties, Secrets and Dangers of Indonesia.

Kromě těchto třech osobností se budete moci setkat s celou řadou našich přátel, které Indonésie učarovala na celý život. Rádi se s vámi podělí o své zkušenosti a zážitky. @joshuadistrict

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