Coronavirus. What to do if…

They cancelled a flight from Indonesia (eg from Bali) with a transfer to the Czech Republic or some of the European countries. You have a ticket from Indonesia in the coming days and you do not know if your flight will be cancelled.

Contact the airline where you purchased the ticket. The airline should provide you with an alternative flight. offer to move your departure date to an earlier departure date that is not expected to be cancelled.

Stay in Indonesia as part of a 30-day visa-free, visa-on-arrival or visa-free regime. social visa and expired or you will soon expire.

 Many Czech and other European tourists are now in the same situation. The Embassy of the countries accredited in Jakarta (including the Czech Embassy) is currently trying to negotiate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia the possibility of waiving the penalty for violation of the residence permit in the country. However, the Indonesian side has not yet adopted an opinion on this request.

You want to extend your stay in Indonesia by travelling for a few days outside the country and then go back to the so-called visa run.

It is very likely that you will not be allowed back to Indonesia. Indonesia has announced that it is cancelling a 30-day visa-free stay, which has so far been valid for citizens of some countries (including the Czech Republic) and is introducing a visa requirement. The visa application will then be accompanied by a certificate confirming that the applicant is not infected with COVID-19.

You do not know whether to return home or stay in Indonesia.

A number of air connections from Indonesia are being cancelled with transfers to the Czech Republic or other European countries. Given the uncertain further development of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in Indonesia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends Czech tourists to return to the Czech Republic by the nearest possible air route.

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