Discussion: Kukang in nature

The slow lorises are the only poisonous primate in the world. These are nocturnal animals that, if you shine them at night, glow up to several hundred meters. As a pet they are a frequent target of smugglers of animals. This is only a part of the interesting things that visitors of regular lectures of the Bohemindo Foundation held at the Czech Embassy in Jakarta heard. František Příbrský and Lucie Čižmářová presented their Kukang project focused on slow loris, which they are developing in Sumatra.

In the near future, they are going to extend the protection of fauna with legumes, open a school at the end of the world and we can also look forward to Kukang coffee. The next event of the Bohemindo Foundation takes place in March and you can look forward to more information about the planned program soon. Bohemindo is a non-profit expatriate association based on the support of ties between the Czech Republic and Indonesia.

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