The Kukang Rescue Program

Illegal wildlife trade poses a serious threat to species’ survival worldwide. In Indonesia, illegal wildlife trade is widespread and there is a need for stronger law enforcement. Among the most commonly trafficked mammal species in Indonesia is the greater slow loris (Nycticebus coucang). Despite being protected both nationally and internationally, it is being sold mainly as a “pet”. Indonesian foundation called “Yayasan Peduli Kelestarian Satwa Liar” leads “The Kukang Rescue Program” (Kukang is the Indonesian name for slow loris) which was established near Medan, the Sumatra’s capital city and a frequent transit point for wildlife trafficking, as a response to the alarming situation of the illegal trade in slow lorises. The main aim of the program is to reduce illegal wildlife trade, particularly in this endangered species. The program cooperates with local government agencies on slow loris conservation and on wildlife protection law enforcement. To enable it, the program operates a rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated slow lorises, as the absence of such a facility usually represents a great obstacle for competent authorities in confiscating illegally kept animals. Furthermore, the program focuses on education, awareness-raising, community engagement activities, and capacity building. 

The Kukang Rescue Program is supported by four Czech zoos and one Polish zoo, i.e. the Ostrava Zoo, the Olomouc Zoo, the Liberec Zoo, the Hodonin Zoo, and the Wrocaw Zoo, and is managed by a group of Czechs in Indonesia together with Indonesians.

The Kukang Rescue Program was founded already in 2014. Indonesian foundation Yayasan Peduli Kelestarian Satwa Liar – PASAL Foundation (Wildlife Preservation Foundation in English), under which all activities in Indonesia have been run, was founded in 2017. The foundation is registered in Indonesia under number AHU-0010398.AH.01.04. Tahun 2017.

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